Thanks to; Professor Anil Wipat, Dr.Jennifer Hallinan, Dr. Matthew Pocock, Sungshic Park, Goksel Misirli and a very special thank you to Dr. Wendy Smith from the 'Synthetic Biology Research Group' in 'Integrative Bioinformatics' and also to the researchers and staff at the 'Center for Bacterial Cell Biology', Newcastle University; Rebecca Shatwell, Director of the AV Festival; David Butler, Director and programme leader of the 'Intersections' research programme, Newcastle University; Lindsay Duncanson; a special thanks to Sarah Blood; Melanie Jackson; The Museum of Witchcraft, Boscastle, Cornwall for access to their private archive and library; Dilston Physic Garden, Dilston, Corbridge for hedge witch and plant pharmcology research; Sarah Cook, curator, CRUMB; The ’Synthesis' workshop- UCL, Arts Catalyst, SymbioticA and Synthetic Aesthetics, London. Finally, thanks to Rasa and Giles.


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