TRANSITIO: biomediations. Mexico city, MX, 2013




Manipulated scientific borosilicate glass on shelving; circular projection constructed from 2,804 stills taken under ultra-violet blue light from time-lapse microscophy; printed fabric piece and black painted walls.


Super-natural pt.01 situates itself in a black space as an installation. Organised on shelving, the scientific glassware in the installation is transformed into new working vessels to visibly manifest the invisible presence of witchcraft as a stress or significant change in their baffled, mutated and melted forms. The projection peers out in the black space depicting the synthetic entities ready for further and occult transformations. Constructed in a laboratory from data, formed into a plasmid vectors and transformed into the bacteria B. Subtilis 168, the synthetic entities fluoresce their animated selfs under ultra-violet blue light taken by time-lapse microscopic photography.


TRANSITIO, biomediations. Mexico city, MX, 2013.