Melanie Jackson

Melanie Jackson is an artist and a lecturer at Slade School of Fine. She is represented by Matts Gallery, London, UK.

Much of Melanies work has been concerned with localized practices that emerge around the flow of international capital. She is interested in experiences and ideas of corporeality, and their relation to the economies and technologies of the material. She utilizes material and immaterial modes of production such as storytelling alongside diverse tactics of art-making and construction. She is currently investigating the relationships between nature and technology through a series of experiments with fauna and flora, and the technologies available to her.

Melanie Jackson and writer Esther Leslie have been collaborating on an investigation into the impulse for transformation and novel forms. Contemporary science re-imagines biological and chemical function as an engineering substrate, a complex fully programmable animate object, opening up a potential for us to “grow” any form. Goethe's idea of the Urpflanze - a primordial plant that contains within itself an infinity of potential forms - recurs startlingly in the present moment when matter, from the molecule up, is coerced to adopt fantastical forms.The Urpflanze (Part 2) is a new sculpture and film installation, the second and concluding part of an investigation into mutability and novel forms through speculations that begin with plant technology. (The Urpflanze Part 1 was staged at The Drawing Room in London in 2010).

Recent solo exhibitions include The Urpflanze (Part 1), The Drawing Room, London (2010) Road Angel, Arnolfini, Bristol (2007), Made In China, Matt’s Gallery, London (2005). She won the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2007. Jackson's Urplanze (Part 2), commissioned by The Arts Catalyst, will be presented at the John Hansard Gallery in 2013.

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